Sundar Pichai Appointed the New CEO of Google

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Sundar Pichai who was born in Chennai, India and completed his Bachelor of Engineering from the IIT, Kharagpur appointed as the NEW CEO of Google as it has formed a new company named as Alphabet. Inc . Sundar Pichai holds the degree of M.S. in  the field of Material Sciences and Engineering from Stanford University. He has also done MBA from the Wharton School of the University in the city of Pennsylvania. He was named as a Palmer Scholar and a Siebel Scholar at the university. Pichai joined Google in the year of 2004 and since then he has achieved a number of things for Google. In the month of August 2015, he was appointed as the new CEO of Google.

As per Marketing Land, the newly founded company will dwell of the following individuals:

Though Google is distributed in this individual entity, it would be a completely owned ancillary of Alphabet.Inc. Brin and Page, who are the Google co-founders  will become the President and CEO of the Alphabet.Inc, respectively. Sundar Pichai will take over the daily control of Google.

As per Marketing Land, the newly founded company will dwell of the following individuals:

  1. Google (Search, YouTube, Maps, Ads, Android, Apps)
  2. Google X (Google Glass, The internet by balloon, auto-driving cars, moonshots)
  3. Google Capital (Investment Fund)
  4. Google Ventures (VC investing)
  5. Calico
  6. Fiber (Internet Access)
  7. Nest (Home Camera, Smoke Alarm, Home Devices)
  8. Life Sciences

This cannot happen without the efforts of Brin and Page, who abolish themselves from the daily operations in Google. They put their focus only on higher level wide range projects to have a long-term view of getting things done with more ambitions.

Larry Page also contended that Sundar Pichai is capable of establishing a greater focus on the Google daily operations which are slightly slimmed. There are no chances that Google and Alphabet will become publicly traded entities after the Wall Street pressure is felt in the revenue growth done by Sunder and his deputies.

It all depends on the efforts of Google executives who are responsible for handling the transitions and on the Google rankings. Though, Google has become part of a new business division and management, there will be no effect on Google reputation and dominance in the search market.

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