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10 Tips for Social Media Marketing Success in 2016

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More than 84% of Internet Marketers have made the focus on Social Media Marketing in their marketing strategies as per the survey made by Social Media Examiner. So we can say the social media marketing is becoming a major player to drive a quality audience to your site or brand.

Here are the 10 tips for Social Media Marketing Success in 2016, take a look at them.

Every social network has a unique audience demographic, so strategies for utilization of targeted customers should be implemented according to the particular business demographics and niche.

2) Regular Posting

The more you post, the more your audience will hear. It will help to build more trust in your customers to your business or brand.

3) Quality and Relevant Content

Quality content is an important factor to engage audiences. Create quality and relevant content for your brand and publish it on multiple platforms to gain more interest in brand and services.

4) Visual Thinking

An image can define a thousand words. But if it is shared on social media, then it worths more. As per the survey of Harvard, the images cover 70% of total Facebook activities. If a content is accompanied with a relevant and attractive image, then there are more chances of  it to be remembered by people. So, marketers should build a creative strategy before publishing posts.

5) Like, Shares and Retweets

Increase the number of likes, shares, and retweets of your posts which helps in widening your audience. You can become a thought leader in the market by making viral posts.

6) Experiment With Different Content Formats

Different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest uses different formats. Publish your social posts by understanding these platforms and do not afraid of experimenting with different kind of content formats.

7) Do Not Repeat Mistakes

Not every plan works for you. Mistakes are acceptable but, people do not like the repeated mistakes done by you, especially when you are branding your business. Make an analysis of your previous posts and filter out which strategy works for you and which doesn’t. Reframe your posts which failed in getting significant user engagement.

8) Make Use of Automation

There are a number of social media automation tools available which help in maintaining a fresh flow of your content. Do not hesitate to use these services. They will help you to organize your channel and schedule your tweets and posts according to your targeted audience.

9) Encourage Your Employees and Appreciate Customer Engagement

Your employees and your customers are your best brand ambassadors. Appreciate their efforts in sharing your posts on their personal social channels.

10) Analyze Metrics

Every day there are millions of interactions made on social media sites. 25% of businesses who believe that social media is important, do not have any strategy for measuring these metrics. To make a better ROI (Return On Investment), the best way to follow is to measure social media metrics. These metrics include click-through rates, conversion rates, sharing posts on different social platforms, and traffic generated from social channels to business websites.

To become a successful brand in 2016, social media marketing is very important same as the traditional marketing. Follow these 10 tips to get success in social media marketing. Share your thoughts in the comment. Spread this article on social media platforms if you like the strategies mentioned in it. Make your brand popular with the strong plan of social media marketing and get user engagement beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing techniques.

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