Udemy Vs Lynda: Choose & Learn in a Right Way

Udemy Vs Lynda: Choose & Learn in a Right Way

When I was a newbie in the field of programming and marketing, I was very confused and couldn’t decide which is the best online learning course for me. So it took loads of time to finally get a right way of learning and the top sites I think still the best are Udemy and Lynda. I took references from these both, and they really helped and still helping a lot in my work. But not all people prefer to get the reference of multiple sources for a single purpose, and they want the best stuff to match their requirements. So, here I am providing the reviews of Udemy and Lynda and also explain the comparison of Udemy Vs Lynda to help you choose and learn in a right way.

Udemy offers a large variety of courses to provide you the knowledge and also lets you share your gain with others. For knowledge sharing, Udemy is the best platform you can have. It covers a wide array of categories including programming, digital marketing, cooking, photography, etc. It is world’s one of the largest destinations for online learning and knowledge sharing.


For the creators and artists of the business, software, and other industries, Lynda is the best website to go ahead with. was founded in 1995 and in the year of 2015, LinkedIn acquired it which shows how worthy and useful that site is. The site offers more than 5000 professional courses to learn about business, software, marketing, development, creative skills, and much more.

Udemy Vs Lynda

Udemy and Lynda both are suitable for professionals and for students too who want to improve their skills and learning & sharing their knowledge with others. But to pick up the best, the comparison of Lynda Vs Udemy will help you. Check it below.

  1. Generally, Udemy offers courses which range from $29 to $99, while Lynda offers a monthly membership of $25. Udemy offers discounts, coupon codes and offers which can drop prices at the end and Lynda pricings based on a premium membership can cost $37.50 per month.
  2. Udemy allows you to pay only for those courses that you take. For example, if you take two courses in five months, then you need to pay only for those. On the other hand, Lynda offers monthly memberships in which, you can take as many courses as you want within the period.
  3. Udemy offers versatile courses like productivity, personality development, business, photography, lifestyle, music, marketing, academics, software, IT, software, etc. While Lynda provides courses on animation, business, technology, web design and development, creative skills, photography, etc.
  4. If you pay for a course, Udemy offers a lifetime access for that. While in a monthly membership plan, Lynda gives access to the courses on a monthly basis.
  5. You have to do a proper search for a particular course before signing up for Udemy as sometimes, the course quality can vary. On the other hand, Lynda does not have a community support which means you have to search hard for the queries on the site.

Udemy Certificate

Udemy provides skill-based courses which are taught by experts. You will get Udemy certificate upon completion of the course. A green or gold trophy can be seen on your course dashboard when you complete all the lectures. You can view, share, and download your certificate from the site.

Lynda Certificate

After successful completion, of course, you will be provided Lynda Certificate which you can share with your friends, colleagues, employers, and other people. The also offers to provide a banner to show on your website or blog.

Is worth it or should you go with Udemy?

If you want a highly professional training and learning for some particular areas of WordPress and other fields and looking for a long-term association with an online resource, then is surely worth it. But if you want a knowledge of something very specific and are a student or beginning learner, then you should go with Udemy. For those who are looking for a cheap and casual course material, Udemy is best, and for those who are serious about learning the top-quality course, then is worth for them.

There is nothing which meant to say that the professional online courses can replace your four-year education in colleges. But they are good options for improving skills of employees and gaining knowledge for the students and beginners.

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