The Difference Between Windows And Linux Hosting

Difference Between Windows And Linux Hosting

Windows and Linux hosting are popular web hosting services available in the market. Their unique features make them the best hosting services for you. A good hosting platform can elevate the user- experience for you as an individual and for your users in the case of businesses. If you’ve been looking for some reliable web hosting providers in the market, Maskoid’s web hosting services can be a good deal for you.

Therefore, while selecting web hosting services, you must compare and learn about the different factors and opportunities they offer. Here we will discuss what is Windows hosting and what is Linux hosting and discuss Windows vs Linux hosting to help you make the right choice.

Windows Hosting

Windows hosting allows users to host websites and access servers through a Windows operating system. The blend of various Microsoft technologies makes it highly suitable for you and your business if you feel familiar with Microsoft platforms.

Linux hosting

Linux hosting is another best available web hosting services in the market. With in-built technologies and high compatibility with various open-source services and tools, Linux hosting plans are reliable and cost-effective.

Windows HostingDifference Between Windows And Linux Hosting Services

Some of the differences between Windows hosting vs Linux hosting are:

  • While Linux uses the open-source operating system, Windows hosting operates through the Windows system.
  • Another significant difference would be that while Linux hosting can be cost-effective, Windows hosting may be a bit high on your budget and needs a license.
  • Linux offers more safe and secure protection against various malware and viruses than Windows.
  • Being open-source, Linux can offer a few more customisation options than windows.
  • Windows hosting can benefit users familiar with Microsoft technologies more than Linux hosting.
  • Windows supports Microsoft applications like ASP.NET, MS SQL, and Microsoft Access, while Linux supports open-source applications like PHP, MySQL, and Perl.


In short, Windows and Linux hosting services have unique features, pros, and cons. A good hosting platform can offer cost-effective, flexible, and scalable operations, with ease of use and supporting multiple languages as the Linux web hosting service offers. 

While that may be exciting, the familiarity with Microsoft technologies and support features offered by Windows hosting services is no less. Lastly, choosing the best web hosting services for you and your business is upon your call. Also, with exclusive offers offered by maskoid’ web hosting services, they are indeed getting popular. You can have a look at the best deals here.


1. Should I Choose Linux Hosting Or Windows Hosting?

It entirely depends on your needs and preferences. You can go for a Windows web hosting service if your application is based on languages like ASP.NET, or if it is a programming language or web development program supported by the Linux operating system, your ideal choice would be a Linux web hosting service.

 2. Can I Use Linux Hosting On A Windows PC?

Yes, you can. You can develop a website from your Windows pc and publish it through your Linux hosting platform without issues. You can also access it by installing Linux as a dual boot with your Windows operating system.

3. What Are Some Of The Reliable Web Hosting Companies?

The best Windows hosting providers include Godaddy, Hostinger, Hostgator, and Dreamhost. If you have looking for efficient web hosting providers with a reputable brand in the market, you must surely check out maskoid’s web hosting services.

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