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The domain is your address and your virtual business card on the Internet. By entering this address in a browser, every Internet user can reach your website via the so-called Domain Name System (DNS). In order to set up and publish a website, you need your individual web address which only you use in this form. In addition to the domain, you also need a provider who takes over the web hosting for you – he provides the storage space for your homepage and ensures that it is always available. We are one of the major Web Hosting provider in India. Click her to check our Hosting Plans.

Also called Top-Level-Domain or TLD for short, it is the last part of a domain, for example .in or .com. One differentiates between:

  • country-specific domain endings (ccTLDs: Country Code Top Level Domains), eg .in for India, .us for USA, .ch for Switzerland etc.
  • generic domain extensions, (gTLDs: Generic Top Level Domains), eg .biz, .org, .net. or .info.
  • new domain extensions (nTLDs: New gTLDs) such as .food or .photography

Maskoid offers a large selection of cheap domain extensions for your desired domain. An overview of all domain offers that you can order from us can be found in the table above. Special questions about your domain order can be answered by our Support team. Feel free to contact us.

Simply by entering your desired domain name in the field for the domain check and start the query by clicking on the “Search Domain” button. Now you can see on the result page whether your entered domain name with the desired extension is still freely available. It will also tell you which alternative top-level domains your desired name is available. The choice you make in the end is best made directly through our website – the registration will be done when you complete your order.

Maskoid provide lot of extra features and services with your domain name registration. Other providers usually charge for this services. You will get Advance DNS management tool. Free Domain Privacy protection. Domain Locking and Forwarding. And also our 24x7x365 Support.

The actual process of domain name registration usually takes only a few minutes. However, our experience has shown that it can take between 6 and 48 hours before the domain is 100% accessible worldwide. This depends on the respective Internet access provider and unfortunately we cannot do much about this.

You should be VEREY careful while registering domain name. Domain registration process is very fast and fully automatic. We will not able to cancel your order or provide refund. All domain related services are non-refundable.